Intergrity, Intelligence and Personality in the World of Work

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Resonance human resources is about gearing your potential and guiding you in the right profession by testing your abilities in cognition, integrity, and your development.


Coaching individuals to harness their mindset, using the principles and understandings of neuroscience, can teach them the ability to achieve personal mastery. The neuroscience philosophy is grounded in the following applications: Neuroscience-Based, Strength-Focused, Process-Driven, and Outcome-Based.

Psychometric Assessments

The psychometric assessments incorporate the evaluation of an individual’s integrity and their cognitive potential. An integrity test measures trustworthiness, credibility, work ethics, socialization, attitudes, functional vs. dysfunctional behavior and values.

The Cognitive Potential Assessment is an important tool in predicting future job performance. It assesses the mental capacity that an individual is using in the present moment, along with their latent cognitive components (their potential for development and growth). It tests the total cognitive capacity that an individual can reach, if they were to pursue the development of their entire mental capacity. The assessment also tests mental alertness, analytical and logical reasoning, numerical ability, original and creative thinking, spatial relations, concept formation and alertness to detail.

Personality Assessments
(Ecometric Tests)

An Ecometric Assessment focusses on the individual’s personality. The purpose of these assessments is to assess (EQ) Emotional Intelligence, (EO) Entrepreneurial Orientation, (SMO) Sales & Marketing Orientation, (FO) Financial Orientation, and (MO) Managerial Orientation. The test also assesses an individual’s disposition towards assisting coworkers and the organization and their disposition towards counterproductive work behavior. A clear picture is developed for the selection, promotion and placement of an employee, along with knowing how to train and develop their strengths and weaknesses.

“It takes a different kind of thinking to solve a problem than the kind of thinking which produced the problem”

Albert Einstein

Human Development

Progression of the individual’s life and the freedom they have to choose the main/basic factors in their lives such as who to be, how to live, and what to do. It’s about their choices and their opportunities that can better evolve their life and wellbeing. Not relying on only economic growth, but from intrinsic growth and allowing the individual to develop their own abilities will give them more freedom to develop to their fullest potential and choose a lifestyle they value.

(Specialised Strategies)

The process of matching of an individual’s skills and talents to the right job position include interviews, selection, negotiation, on-boarding, probationary reviews, employee evaluations and terminations. By identifying the training, skills, and competency needs of an organization, the coordination of an individual’s career development can be navigated, along with succession planning and talent management.

In focussing on developing the most superior workforce through human development, from both within and outside of the workplace, can result in individual employees accomplishing their professional goals in service to customers and the organization. The progression of the individual’s life, the freedom they have to choose and the opportunities that can enhance their abilities, can contribute immensely to fulfilling their potential. Investing and aiding intrinsic growth of individuals promotes personal and professional well-being.

HR & IR Consulting

HR Business Support
  • Act as a primary contact to functional managers on all HR related issues and services;
  • Provide consulting to managers on a broad range of HR related issues and problems;
  • Develop, update and implement all HR policies and procedures;
  • Manage professional HR and IR administration practice, policies and procedures.
Performance Management Systems
  • Manage and drive implementation of formal Employee Performance Management process;
  • Ensure that performance management is standardized;
  • Ensure that all employees are informed of and trained in the application of the performance management model and system;
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting results.
Policy and Procedure Development
  • Develop, implement & maintain HR policy framework to align HRM best practice with organizational goals;
  • Review HR policies & procedures in order to say compliant with new legislation and latest developments
Industrial Resources (Labour Relations)
  • Develop and maintain relations with labour relations unit; preside over disciplinary processes;
  • Review, develop and implement of labour policies and procedures;
  • Ensure compliance with all IR policies;
  • Manage misconduct and incapacity;
  • Advise line management on application of company Disciplinary procedures / codes;
  • Advise management on employee relations and best practice as per legislation.

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